Why I joined CommonFloor not Housing.com ?

A late very late article again. Almost 3 months late.
I am such a big procrastinator , I didn’t know. Thought of writing this article the day I joined CommonFloor.com i.e 1st of July, 2015.

Like many other I also researched a lot about both the companies before I could come to a conclusion. Yes, I was offered by both the companies, First by CommonFloor.com then from Housing.com via a Hackathon they organized in Bangalore.

Finally after a lot of research I decided to go for CommonFloor. This was also one of the hard decision of my career. Remember, just before early July, 2015 Housing was buzzing the market like anything. This is one of the reason one of my friend offered SDE-III position refused to joined CommmonFloor saying CommonFloor might be in pressure due to Housing. But, I don’t know my heart was always inclined towards CommonFloor due to a lot of reasons.

Here are the points that I am making after I joined CommonFloor and after 3 months I believe I took the better decision.

  • I was getting to work on Python in CommonFloor, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity as I am a die-hard fan of Python and this was one of the primary reasons of me leaving my last organization Yodlee.

    In Housing I would have had to start a new language all together as they primarily work on Ruby/RoR.
    People told me not to keep programming language a parameter to choose any company rather I should focus on the problem that I am gonna work. But yeah..CommonFloor was not out of challenging problem I guess/ as told.

  • I was offered a position 65% Web Developer and 35% Data Scientist.
    I couldn’t have asked for more where in I could have sharpen my skills as a Web Developer and pursue my interest in Machine Learning and Data Science.
    I was certainly not getting this at Housing.com
  • Housing certainly had double funding that CommonFloor.com but being a guy from business background I tried evaluating both the companies and found they are spending their money like water.
    I have seen how a business grows from scratch. Just money can’t bring you customers, service and commitment does. Housing.com certainly didn’t fit in this.

  • Sorry, Mr Rahul Yadav but you were also one of the reasons I didn’t join Housing.com as kind of commment and statements that you were making was just buzz in the market. I knew this is a bubble which would burst soon.
    And it did.
  • 1st July, 2015 I joined CommonFloor.com and I guess 2nd July, he was kicked out of Housing.com
  • Post Joining CommonFloor

  • I was happy that I was in a team which does innovation. I was happy again to know that there is no restriction of programming language to be used or any technology for that matter in the team I am in . The team is called CFx (CommonFloor Exponential).

  • The team was new and energetic with awesome peers around. I felt that I am at a place where I will have a little pain on my shoulders to build something to develop something. I knew I wanted this from start.
  • I was little worried about the work culture. Possibly, about any pressure due to Housing.com but believe me there was nothing as such. People inside were confident in themselves.
  • One of the things that I like about CommonFloor is open questions that you can ask directly to CEO, Founders or anybody about anything, be it Housing.com at that time.
    And they answer each and every question.
  • So far, it been so good. I was always concerned about my technical profile while choosing for the company I had to be interviewed. In case of CommonFloor, I can say I am expanding my horizons and working on something I always wanted to work. Something never existed, something Intelligent, Something Awesome. Yeah..Keep in touch..Something related to Artificial Intelligence is coming soon. Stay tuned.

365*2 days @ Yodlee and It’s time to mark it “Resolved Closed”.

As usual I always thought of writing posts religiously but me and my plan are never in sync. Finally, some big transition happening in my life and thought it’s time to hit some keys again.

Completing 730 days in Yodlee, completing exactly 2 years was a nice feeling for me.

There is no question that I have learnt a lot in Yodlee, it also depends a lot on you, your manager and the team you work in. I am thankful that I had all these in my favor.

Yodlee is my first Love as a company. The kind of natural environment you get here, work culture, every assistance that is provided to make to feel comfortable is exceptional but sometimes that is not something everybody wants.

I had a lot of learning , a lot to learn. I asked the question to myself, Am I feeling comfortable ? Answer comes, “Yes, you are and you might be enjoying it.” I have never been so easy to me and not this time as well. I need to break my shackles and do something for which I easily loose sleep over.

It’s time not to just change the ID Card and E-Mail ID but to bring a significant change in my career. I have always been saying,this is the time I can work hard and take all risks while I am young. I might fall and fail but I need to do this.Come what may. It’s time to do something I would love to do 24*7. It’s time to come out of my comfort zone and build something never existed.


The team I worked most of the times:-

Working with MR Team with all dedication to deliver and make it a success. Learnt, how to work with a hammer on your head. MR taught me how individual contributes to a team success.

Recreation Room:-

Right from Nalanda then Alpha and then somewhere in the sky :P.It has been going away from Sustaining but the love that fruited in me for Pool, TT or Foosball will remain forever.Not sure if I will get an opportunity to play these games, the place I go but I will remember each and every moment I spent in that room.

Technical & Cultural Activities:-

This is a very appreciative fact that Yodlee has been organizing Hackathon for students and for internal employees as well. Hackathon is one of the thing a tech-savvy guy would never say no to. I enjoyed nothing more than the Hackathons I participated. It’s a great way to become Entrepreneur if you are given some chance to be an Intrapreneur.This gave me a lot confidence that I can be a Growth Hacker as well.

I am not sure but I don’t think there will be much of the companies with lots of cultural events.This makes the transition from College to Corporate so easy and it never feels like just a “Yes Boss” kind of corporate culture. Had a lot of fun in Yodlee Company Outing and will definitely miss it.


One thing I want to share that I never valued myself or saw so much value in me after my put my papers. I could have never thought that Yodlee would try to retain me like they did. I had almost 12 interviews with VPs, Senior Directors, Senior Managers if I interested to work in their team.

This was a very good thing that Yodlee was trying to retain their employees they find value in .But the real question is , Is it only after a person puts paper ?
I had said my heart out in Yodlee’s employee survery as well as in exit interview.

If you could fix a couple of things , you can bring and retain the best talent from the best pool of developers available.

Overall, it was a really a nice experience, Never know how 2 years passed and now, I have a MAC Pro where I am typing all this. Hoping the transition to be smoother and the work to be tougher. That’s what I was looking for.

Rather than writing a lot of text in farewell mail , I thought of writing some code instead.So, overnight I created this page to have my colleagues wishes & blessing for my future endeavors.


An interview with Facebook… :)

Interview at Facebook

Yes, you heard it right. Couple of days I was being interviewed for a position at Facebook, Hyderabad.
One of Facebook my friend who became my friend because he was impressed by the technical things I did (ML, Python, Data Science and all).
He asked me if I would be interested for this position . As I was already looking for opportunities in Python development.
How could I have said no ? That too, for Facebook to work on Python, best combination.
He forwarded my profile directly to the interviewer and I got a call with in a week asking for the confirmation.
There were three technical telephonic round initially. Question were easy related to Python and SQL. (Asked me to write code and query on collabedit)
I think I did well in those rounds so , first they calling me on-site (Hyderabad) for next rounds.
But then I got a call saying they will schedule it over BlueJeans VC next day.
I was ready. There were again 4 rounds one by one. I needed a good internet connection so I had to come to office and go for
the interview from here itself. There was one round that was again technical for Python and SQL, then other person on design, problem solving and troubleshooting.
Then one person name Sumit Verma took one interview . I may call this round as related to the thought process, approach and things that I have learnt so far in my organization.

All this happened one by one. I think I gave my best. Then there was a round with a lady named Niharika, I think she was Project Manager or something.
Her question seemed similar to like what HR people ask.I tried my level best to be myself and answer her questions. I can’t just fake myself to get into Facebook.

Couple of questions that I remember.I am mixing all those here :-

1) Checking Palindrome in Python
2) Finding the second highest salary of employees
3) How would be estimate the food you have to prepare on day one if you are opening a restaurant in an area?
4) What is the best thing you have learnt in your current organization?
5) Why are you so passionate about Python, why only Python ?
6) What is the one thing you think you lack and can be improved ?
7) How would you approach a production issue if you don’t know anything about that not even technicality ?
8) What is the one biggest mistake you have made so far in your current job ?
9) What if you don’t have a job at Facebook after 6 months ?

I tried answering all question with my understanding. There were other question also which is not coming to my mind right now.
If I make it more late then I would not have remembered this also because I am very lazy at writing blogs.But I thought this is one thing which
can benefit somebody and also I was happy that at least I was being interviewed by Facebook people till the last round.
Till now no intimation from their side. I don’t know if I couldn’t match to their expectation or there were some other reason as they asked me about my notice
period which is two months which might not have worked for them.

Btw, this was a contractual job for 6 months only, even if I was offered I would have been working on the payroll of some third party. I asked about the leave and all, they
said it’s 1 day in a month. I don’t know if it was worth. As I saw a couple of reviews on Glassdoor then I came to know that weekend support is also required
for the contractual employees.

Anyways, I can at least say that I was once interviewed at Facebook, at least I was worth that much. 🙂

17th April,2014. when I went to cast my first vote ever.

Yes ! It was 17th April,2014 when I went to cast my first vote as a citizen of Karnataka.
I have been living in Karnataka, Bangalore for around 5 years.4 years of engg and now doing a job from past one year.
Always wanted to vote but never got the opportunity, reason being we were never in our hometown for a long period or at the time of election or so.
But, when I knew that to get a voter ID card , you just need to be staying for more than 6 months in a state then I thought why do I not have a karnataka voter ID card ?
Being a software and Internet enthusiast, I searched it over the web and found out a lot of information in order to get my name listed in voter list.
My company also arranged the camp to submit the form to register our name in voter list but I was ahead of that.I applied online , uploaded all the supporting documents , signed and posted it to Cheif Electoral Officer, Karnataka and a couple of months later , I could see my name in the list.I never thought it was so easy but at least you have to do something which is not that painful as people believe.

I am not among those who only cry out loud on facebook and twitter or anywhere that they will vote for this party or this man but do not even bother to spend a couple of hours which would give a part of the power to see what they want.
This LS2014 election was so hyped in the history of all LS election(I can say this even I have been following politics from last 2 years only).

My voting center was in Marathahalli, Bangalore itself just very near to my house, I went and voted.
After voting I came outside and when I saw all party having their desk then I liked the dedication of AAP’s volunteer at polling booth.One side traditional workers of other parties looking into the printed pages on electoral roll manually and one side only one well educated AAP volunteer having a laptop and searching the name directly in the pdf or online using his smartphone.
That’s the difference you make when good and educated people come and support politics.
This what I expect from other political parties also to do.

I really believe what once Ravish Kumar(NDTV) said that you should not vote for the party but for the candidate, there is nowhere in the constitution it is written that you vote to choose a PM but you need to elect your MP, 542 MPs and its their responsibility to form a govt and create a common minimum program for the country.
So, keeping that in mind I voted for a better India, voted from heart.
Tomorrow(In fact today its 1:13 AM) is the last phase of elections.
Lets see what happens on 16th May. 🙂

A hands on session on Python…A moment to cherish

It’s a bit late to write one of the memorable moments of my life when I was called to teach something where I was taught.
yes, I studied and completed my B.E in Information Science Engg. from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.I was contacted by one of my former faculty whom we called Madhura Mam, she was our team mentor for the final year project we were doing on “Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data”.So, what special about it ? No, nothing special but we did this project using Python.I was the guy in my team who initially knew Python and proposed our teammates to go for it.
In real college days not so many knew Python was even a programming language.
In the end of 2013 I got a mail from our mentor asking me if I can take a hands on session on Python.I agreed to take it in Feb 2nd week.
I am not a Python expert but I had coded a lot in Python and Python is my first love as a programming language.
I knew that much so that I can teach students the Basics of Python which will help them in their placements and future as well.
On 14th Feb I left my office, collected my laptop from Home and left for K.S Layout with my bike.It’s around 20KMs of journey till there.I had travelled around 10 Kms and apparently my bike failed to start, I was alone and could not help it.
I thought my petrol is over and then I took lift from someone till the petrol bunk and came back and poured it into my bike ,till now I was already fcuked up with the things that were happening to me as I was towing my bike myself for around 1 Km.After sometime my bike stopped again and I was left with nothing but to drag it manually as I could not have left my bike anywhere.12PM after hell a lot of tiredness I reached the destination and went to one of my friends place.
We had some talk and needed to sleep as next day I had to reach early to the college but unfortunately I could not sleep more than 3 hours as if next day was my exam day but I was energized enough.
Now, it was the same COE Lab (Center of Excellence) where we used to sit,listen and learn from seminar and special session.15th Feb was one of day I was there to stand,speak and teach.How can one could not cherish this moment when you are teaching something to students specially Engg students (who are always blamed that they do not want to learn 🙂 ).
I was being felicitated with bouquet and a thanks note that I went there and taught them the basics of Python.
There was a moment when I was laughing out loud inside when our mam was taking my name as “Mr. Sumit Kumar Raj”.Never got this much of respect.Engg students specially are never use to respect especially from there teachers but she was very kind and nice to me.
I think the students enjoyed the session and I was also trying to teach as much as possible in short span of time.
My objective was not only to teach them Python but to encourage them more about programming and let them know that if they go to learn anything rather than concentrating on marks then they will not have to be dependent on campus placements.
I hope they would have got my point.We did not have any senior to guide or to tell all these but they are lucky that I was there.
Mam, asked if I could take an Advance session on Python but till then and now also I was not sure whether or when I will be free.I was scared what if again my bike ditches me(just kidding…).
I was given a small momento at the last and feedback at the end of the session by the students were good.
I felt that day that I could be of some use to my juniors or to anybody whom I can teach something, this gave me a lot of confidence and self respect too.

You can find the pics of the session here:-


















Hands on Python





Thanks to Huawei Club to make the certificate of participation of my name and to provide all the support to make the session successful.

Since corruption is everywhere, so Information is also being corrupted.

Everybody, each and every single man who knows how to use a computer or mobile is almost on Facebook connecting with his/her friends, liking the pages what they like, playing the kind of games they like.But as any bottle overflows something has to be drained out whether it might be the bottle of wine or medicine and that’s what is happening today.
Whether you talk about Political scenario of India or any other aspects, robots are everywhere hiding behind the human mask.
I never do really try to expose such things as I always feel its better to be yourself and not be a part of such a negative thing.I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.
Over past few years in India, there has been a huge increase in no. of people using Facebook, reason being its really amazing piece of application, thanks Zuckerburg for that.But the question is that it is good or bad.I would say both.
I won’t hesitate of say that there are so many corrupt political parties in India among which BJP is one of the party which is using Social Media for its heavy promotion whether in right way or wrong way.
It’s good that they are taking help of the technology which is accessible from everyone and to feed the information to them, but its very bad when you corrupt the information as you are and then feed it to the people, and that’s what most of their online robots are doing.They manipulate the information so as to criticize or create a negative wave against their rival political parties like INC or AAP (mostly).
I keep seeing the posts or them and their so called chamchas, when they Photoshop the pics from somewhere and link it against their rivals.
That’s why I am saying that since politics is corrupted why won’t political information will be corrupted also.
So, what’s the solution for this ? The solution is us only. We can not just simply approve any post on Facebook or twitter just by seeing, we need to verify them.If technology is being used to corrupt the information then you have the power of technology again to filter the same , to approve or disapprove the authenticity of the information brought by someone.

But I don’t know what is the solution when people or so called robots use abusive words against specific race or religion and they comment as if they are ready with the swords to cut each others throat apart.
People should be more conscious about the same and check who is commenting what whether he is truly the one he is claiming to be.I don’t know where India is heading specially on Social Media.
The day is not so away when somebody like Arvind Kejriwal will emerge to fight against the corruption of Information on Social Media.

31st Night, 2013…

So, its 31st night of 2013.Nothing was planned as usual and it became late too to plan.Anyways I don’t bother being alone.My roommate is out to party with his friends and I alone along with the friends in my room enjoying alone.
Somebody may ask why ? But what could anyone do if nobody is there whom you could really be with.

2013 gave me a lot of things but still it didn’t give me which I really wanted but I don’t curse it for that as I believe in appreciating for what somebody has done for you or given you.But I expect that 2014 would fulfil something for which I really think every time. Lets see what happens ? Till now I am enjoying with myself along with gazals (only gazals lover will know what gazals are to enjoy).
Wish you all a very happy new year.
While I am writing this one of my favorite song starts to play i.e- jhuki jhuki si nazar.Ah what a song it is !!!

Anyways friends njoy every moment of your life and never regret anything that made you smile.
just thought of writing something so wrote something after all I have started to listen to my heart. 🙂

So, Finally I am starting to write my blog.

It’s almost the end of the year 2013, the year which had so many things which are like the life points for me and I have finally started to write my blog which I had planned almost 2 years back .I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science Engineering with FCD.Before that I got a job in Yodlee Infotech Pvt. Ltd on Feb 28 (The date which was another life point for me, will write some day about that).Joined Yodlee right after completing my Graduation in June.

July 1st was my joining, I was very excited as anybody would be on the first day of very first job.Till now, I am liking the work culture there , all the funs and news friends.Obviously, there were some girls on day one joining along with me from various colleges across India.But, mera dil thoda pyaar mohabbat ke mamle me bachcha hai to crush to aa hi gaya ek ladki par.She is a nice and sweet girl really.It’s not like I am dying to get her but somebody should be there to make a reason for something something…you know…that’s why.Now, lets keep all these things aside.

We had a team outing today at country club .Had lots of fun, I was pending to be ragged by my senios colleagues, so they made me dance and all.If you have never been in such a situation then come once and you will come to know how fiercely you get to embarrass yourself :).

This is the first post I am writing so a lot of things are mixed up together but gradually I will start writing on various topics, issues, technicalities of my domain.

After all things your feedback and suggestions are really appreciated.