31st Night, 2013…

So, its 31st night of 2013.Nothing was planned as usual and it became late too to plan.Anyways I don’t bother being alone.My roommate is out to party with his friends and I alone along with the friends in my room enjoying alone.
Somebody may ask why ? But what could anyone do if nobody is there whom you could really be with.

2013 gave me a lot of things but still it didn’t give me which I really wanted but I don’t curse it for that as I believe in appreciating for what somebody has done for you or given you.But I expect that 2014 would fulfil something for which I really think every time. Lets see what happens ? Till now I am enjoying with myself along with gazals (only gazals lover will know what gazals are to enjoy).
Wish you all a very happy new year.
While I am writing this one of my favorite song starts to play i.e- jhuki jhuki si nazar.Ah what a song it is !!!

Anyways friends njoy every moment of your life and never regret anything that made you smile.
just thought of writing something so wrote something after all I have started to listen to my heart. 🙂