Being a freelancer is the best thing.

Another article on my blog about something which I am doing very passionately these days. Yes, that’s freelancing. It’s not just the best thing because you are your own boss but it shows that not only you one of the top talent in your domain but also you can take ownership and build something.
I have been an active expert mentor . I have give 1:1 session to more than 30 people till now and with lots of offline help as well.
You can have a look at my profile here:- Codementor

I have worked with projects which had regular deadline as well as instantly needed like in 3 hours and I am happy to say that I met their expectations.

I am currently working with a company named CommonFloor, so far so good but the happiness that I get when I do freelancing stuffs in my spare time on weekdays and full time on weekends, I don’t feel that in my regular job. Although, I am happy with the kind of work I am doing in my company as I never compromise with my interests otherwise I will loose my productivity.

So, recently I came to know about and looked into their website and all and found it very interesting. One of the reason is like they are not like other freelancing websites where number of people are just registering and bidding for the projects.

The best thing about TopTal is they prefer quality and that’s why it interests me. I am sure if I get in then there will be good quality bunch of people from whom I can learn as well.

They told me to set a calendar so that they can talk to me and learn about me whether I am fit for them or not. I really liked this process and I would really like to check myself if I am one of those top 3% of freelance web developers.

If I get in , I will have an opportunity of learning from at least top 2.9% web developers.

If one gets in touch of such platform like then not only you get quality recruiters but also quality people to work with.

Keeping that in mind that I have to always first learn and then earn.
Hope to get a good response from them and get into top ranks of world web developers.