365*2 days @ Yodlee and It’s time to mark it “Resolved Closed”.

As usual I always thought of writing posts religiously but me and my plan are never in sync. Finally, some big transition happening in my life and thought it’s time to hit some keys again.

Completing 730 days in Yodlee, completing exactly 2 years was a nice feeling for me.

There is no question that I have learnt a lot in Yodlee, it also depends a lot on you, your manager and the team you work in. I am thankful that I had all these in my favor.

Yodlee is my first Love as a company. The kind of natural environment you get here, work culture, every assistance that is provided to make to feel comfortable is exceptional but sometimes that is not something everybody wants.

I had a lot of learning , a lot to learn. I asked the question to myself, Am I feeling comfortable ? Answer comes, “Yes, you are and you might be enjoying it.” I have never been so easy to me and not this time as well. I need to break my shackles and do something for which I easily loose sleep over.

It’s time not to just change the ID Card and E-Mail ID but to bring a significant change in my career. I have always been saying,this is the time I can work hard and take all risks while I am young. I might fall and fail but I need to do this.Come what may. It’s time to do something I would love to do 24*7. It’s time to come out of my comfort zone and build something never existed.


The team I worked most of the times:-

Working with MR Team with all dedication to deliver and make it a success. Learnt, how to work with a hammer on your head. MR taught me how individual contributes to a team success.

Recreation Room:-

Right from Nalanda then Alpha and then somewhere in the sky :P.It has been going away from Sustaining but the love that fruited in me for Pool, TT or Foosball will remain forever.Not sure if I will get an opportunity to play these games, the place I go but I will remember each and every moment I spent in that room.

Technical & Cultural Activities:-

This is a very appreciative fact that Yodlee has been organizing Hackathon for students and for internal employees as well. Hackathon is one of the thing a tech-savvy guy would never say no to. I enjoyed nothing more than the Hackathons I participated. It’s a great way to become Entrepreneur if you are given some chance to be an Intrapreneur.This gave me a lot confidence that I can be a Growth Hacker as well.

I am not sure but I don’t think there will be much of the companies with lots of cultural events.This makes the transition from College to Corporate so easy and it never feels like just a “Yes Boss” kind of corporate culture. Had a lot of fun in Yodlee Company Outing and will definitely miss it.


One thing I want to share that I never valued myself or saw so much value in me after my put my papers. I could have never thought that Yodlee would try to retain me like they did. I had almost 12 interviews with VPs, Senior Directors, Senior Managers if I interested to work in their team.

This was a very good thing that Yodlee was trying to retain their employees they find value in .But the real question is , Is it only after a person puts paper ?
I had said my heart out in Yodlee’s employee survery as well as in exit interview.

If you could fix a couple of things , you can bring and retain the best talent from the best pool of developers available.

Overall, it was a really a nice experience, Never know how 2 years passed and now, I have a MAC Pro where I am typing all this. Hoping the transition to be smoother and the work to be tougher. That’s what I was looking for.

Rather than writing a lot of text in farewell mail , I thought of writing some code instead.So, overnight I created this page to have my colleagues wishes & blessing for my future endeavors.