An interview with Facebook… :)

Interview at Facebook

Yes, you heard it right. Couple of days I was being interviewed for a position at Facebook, Hyderabad.
One of Facebook my friend who became my friend because he was impressed by the technical things I did (ML, Python, Data Science and all).
He asked me if I would be interested for this position . As I was already looking for opportunities in Python development.
How could I have said no ? That too, for Facebook to work on Python, best combination.
He forwarded my profile directly to the interviewer and I got a call with in a week asking for the confirmation.
There were three technical telephonic round initially. Question were easy related to Python and SQL. (Asked me to write code and query on collabedit)
I think I did well in those rounds so , first they calling me on-site (Hyderabad) for next rounds.
But then I got a call saying they will schedule it over BlueJeans VC next day.
I was ready. There were again 4 rounds one by one. I needed a good internet connection so I had to come to office and go for
the interview from here itself. There was one round that was again technical for Python and SQL, then other person on design, problem solving and troubleshooting.
Then one person name Sumit Verma took one interview . I may call this round as related to the thought process, approach and things that I have learnt so far in my organization.

All this happened one by one. I think I gave my best. Then there was a round with a lady named Niharika, I think she was Project Manager or something.
Her question seemed similar to like what HR people ask.I tried my level best to be myself and answer her questions. I can’t just fake myself to get into Facebook.

Couple of questions that I remember.I am mixing all those here :-

1) Checking Palindrome in Python
2) Finding the second highest salary of employees
3) How would be estimate the food you have to prepare on day one if you are opening a restaurant in an area?
4) What is the best thing you have learnt in your current organization?
5) Why are you so passionate about Python, why only Python ?
6) What is the one thing you think you lack and can be improved ?
7) How would you approach a production issue if you don’t know anything about that not even technicality ?
8) What is the one biggest mistake you have made so far in your current job ?
9) What if you don’t have a job at Facebook after 6 months ?

I tried answering all question with my understanding. There were other question also which is not coming to my mind right now.
If I make it more late then I would not have remembered this also because I am very lazy at writing blogs.But I thought this is one thing which
can benefit somebody and also I was happy that at least I was being interviewed by Facebook people till the last round.
Till now no intimation from their side. I don’t know if I couldn’t match to their expectation or there were some other reason as they asked me about my notice
period which is two months which might not have worked for them.

Btw, this was a contractual job for 6 months only, even if I was offered I would have been working on the payroll of some third party. I asked about the leave and all, they
said it’s 1 day in a month. I don’t know if it was worth. As I saw a couple of reviews on Glassdoor then I came to know that weekend support is also required
for the contractual employees.

Anyways, I can at least say that I was once interviewed at Facebook, at least I was worth that much. 🙂