17th April,2014. when I went to cast my first vote ever.

Yes ! It was 17th April,2014 when I went to cast my first vote as a citizen of Karnataka.
I have been living in Karnataka, Bangalore for around 5 years.4 years of engg and now doing a job from past one year.
Always wanted to vote but never got the opportunity, reason being we were never in our hometown for a long period or at the time of election or so.
But, when I knew that to get a voter ID card , you just need to be staying for more than 6 months in a state then I thought why do I not have a karnataka voter ID card ?
Being a software and Internet enthusiast, I searched it over the web and found out a lot of information in order to get my name listed in voter list.
My company also arranged the camp to submit the form to register our name in voter list but I was ahead of that.I applied online , uploaded all the supporting documents , signed and posted it to Cheif Electoral Officer, Karnataka and a couple of months later , I could see my name in the list.I never thought it was so easy but at least you have to do something which is not that painful as people believe.

I am not among those who only cry out loud on facebook and twitter or anywhere that they will vote for this party or this man but do not even bother to spend a couple of hours which would give a part of the power to see what they want.
This LS2014 election was so hyped in the history of all LS election(I can say this even I have been following politics from last 2 years only).

My voting center was in Marathahalli, Bangalore itself just very near to my house, I went and voted.
After voting I came outside and when I saw all party having their desk then I liked the dedication of AAP’s volunteer at polling booth.One side traditional workers of other parties looking into the printed pages on electoral roll manually and one side only one well educated AAP volunteer having a laptop and searching the name directly in the pdf or online using his smartphone.
That’s the difference you make when good and educated people come and support politics.
This what I expect from other political parties also to do.

I really believe what once Ravish Kumar(NDTV) said that you should not vote for the party but for the candidate, there is nowhere in the constitution it is written that you vote to choose a PM but you need to elect your MP, 542 MPs and its their responsibility to form a govt and create a common minimum program for the country.
So, keeping that in mind I voted for a better India, voted from heart.
Tomorrow(In fact today its 1:13 AM) is the last phase of elections.
Lets see what happens on 16th May. 🙂