A hands on session on Python…A moment to cherish

It’s a bit late to write one of the memorable moments of my life when I was called to teach something where I was taught.
yes, I studied and completed my B.E in Information Science Engg. from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.I was contacted by one of my former faculty whom we called Madhura Mam, she was our team mentor for the final year project we were doing on “Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data”.So, what special about it ? No, nothing special but we did this project using Python.I was the guy in my team who initially knew Python and proposed our teammates to go for it.
In real college days not so many knew Python was even a programming language.
In the end of 2013 I got a mail from our mentor asking me if I can take a hands on session on Python.I agreed to take it in Feb 2nd week.
I am not a Python expert but I had coded a lot in Python and Python is my first love as a programming language.
I knew that much so that I can teach students the Basics of Python which will help them in their placements and future as well.
On 14th Feb I left my office, collected my laptop from Home and left for K.S Layout with my bike.It’s around 20KMs of journey till there.I had travelled around 10 Kms and apparently my bike failed to start, I was alone and could not help it.
I thought my petrol is over and then I took lift from someone till the petrol bunk and came back and poured it into my bike ,till now I was already fcuked up with the things that were happening to me as I was towing my bike myself for around 1 Km.After sometime my bike stopped again and I was left with nothing but to drag it manually as I could not have left my bike anywhere.12PM after hell a lot of tiredness I reached the destination and went to one of my friends place.
We had some talk and needed to sleep as next day I had to reach early to the college but unfortunately I could not sleep more than 3 hours as if next day was my exam day but I was energized enough.
Now, it was the same COE Lab (Center of Excellence) where we used to sit,listen and learn from seminar and special session.15th Feb was one of day I was there to stand,speak and teach.How can one could not cherish this moment when you are teaching something to students specially Engg students (who are always blamed that they do not want to learn 🙂 ).
I was being felicitated with bouquet and a thanks note that I went there and taught them the basics of Python.
There was a moment when I was laughing out loud inside when our mam was taking my name as “Mr. Sumit Kumar Raj”.Never got this much of respect.Engg students specially are never use to respect especially from there teachers but she was very kind and nice to me.
I think the students enjoyed the session and I was also trying to teach as much as possible in short span of time.
My objective was not only to teach them Python but to encourage them more about programming and let them know that if they go to learn anything rather than concentrating on marks then they will not have to be dependent on campus placements.
I hope they would have got my point.We did not have any senior to guide or to tell all these but they are lucky that I was there.
Mam, asked if I could take an Advance session on Python but till then and now also I was not sure whether or when I will be free.I was scared what if again my bike ditches me(just kidding…).
I was given a small momento at the last and feedback at the end of the session by the students were good.
I felt that day that I could be of some use to my juniors or to anybody whom I can teach something, this gave me a lot of confidence and self respect too.

You can find the pics of the session here:-


















Hands on Python





Thanks to Huawei Club to make the certificate of participation of my name and to provide all the support to make the session successful.