Since corruption is everywhere, so Information is also being corrupted.

Everybody, each and every single man who knows how to use a computer or mobile is almost on Facebook connecting with his/her friends, liking the pages what they like, playing the kind of games they like.But as any bottle overflows something has to be drained out whether it might be the bottle of wine or medicine and that’s what is happening today.
Whether you talk about Political scenario of India or any other aspects, robots are everywhere hiding behind the human mask.
I never do really try to expose such things as I always feel its better to be yourself and not be a part of such a negative thing.I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.
Over past few years in India, there has been a huge increase in no. of people using Facebook, reason being its really amazing piece of application, thanks Zuckerburg for that.But the question is that it is good or bad.I would say both.
I won’t hesitate of say that there are so many corrupt political parties in India among which BJP is one of the party which is using Social Media for its heavy promotion whether in right way or wrong way.
It’s good that they are taking help of the technology which is accessible from everyone and to feed the information to them, but its very bad when you corrupt the information as you are and then feed it to the people, and that’s what most of their online robots are doing.They manipulate the information so as to criticize or create a negative wave against their rival political parties like INC or AAP (mostly).
I keep seeing the posts or them and their so called chamchas, when they Photoshop the pics from somewhere and link it against their rivals.
That’s why I am saying that since politics is corrupted why won’t political information will be corrupted also.
So, what’s the solution for this ? The solution is us only. We can not just simply approve any post on Facebook or twitter just by seeing, we need to verify them.If technology is being used to corrupt the information then you have the power of technology again to filter the same , to approve or disapprove the authenticity of the information brought by someone.

But I don’t know what is the solution when people or so called robots use abusive words against specific race or religion and they comment as if they are ready with the swords to cut each others throat apart.
People should be more conscious about the same and check who is commenting what whether he is truly the one he is claiming to be.I don’t know where India is heading specially on Social Media.
The day is not so away when somebody like Arvind Kejriwal will emerge to fight against the corruption of Information on Social Media.