31st Night, 2013…

So, its 31st night of 2013.Nothing was planned as usual and it became late too to plan.Anyways I don’t bother being alone.My roommate is out to party with his friends and I alone along with the friends in my room enjoying alone.
Somebody may ask why ? But what could anyone do if nobody is there whom you could really be with.

2013 gave me a lot of things but still it didn’t give me which I really wanted but I don’t curse it for that as I believe in appreciating for what somebody has done for you or given you.But I expect that 2014 would fulfil something for which I really think every time. Lets see what happens ? Till now I am enjoying with myself along with gazals (only gazals lover will know what gazals are to enjoy).
Wish you all a very happy new year.
While I am writing this one of my favorite song starts to play i.e- jhuki jhuki si nazar.Ah what a song it is !!!

Anyways friends njoy every moment of your life and never regret anything that made you smile.
just thought of writing something so wrote something after all I have started to listen to my heart. 🙂

So, Finally I am starting to write my blog.

It’s almost the end of the year 2013, the year which had so many things which are like the life points for me and I have finally started to write my blog which I had planned almost 2 years back .I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science Engineering with FCD.Before that I got a job in Yodlee Infotech Pvt. Ltd on Feb 28 (The date which was another life point for me, will write some day about that).Joined Yodlee right after completing my Graduation in June.

July 1st was my joining, I was very excited as anybody would be on the first day of very first job.Till now, I am liking the work culture there , all the funs and news friends.Obviously, there were some girls on day one joining along with me from various colleges across India.But, mera dil thoda pyaar mohabbat ke mamle me bachcha hai to crush to aa hi gaya ek ladki par.She is a nice and sweet girl really.It’s not like I am dying to get her but somebody should be there to make a reason for something something…you know…that’s why.Now, lets keep all these things aside.

We had a team outing today at country club .Had lots of fun, I was pending to be ragged by my senios colleagues, so they made me dance and all.If you have never been in such a situation then come once and you will come to know how fiercely you get to embarrass yourself :).

This is the first post I am writing so a lot of things are mixed up together but gradually I will start writing on various topics, issues, technicalities of my domain.

After all things your feedback and suggestions are really appreciated.